Veganuary…. the results are in and it makes semi-interesting reading

Dear Reader,

I thought I would write to you, hand on heart, with an excited skip in my step as we approach the end of both Dry January and Veganuary. I thought I would be literally gagging to get back to my wine and cheese habit but…. get this…. I’M NOT.  Continue reading “Veganuary…. the results are in and it makes semi-interesting reading”


Bearing down on 50

So by this point in the dive towards 50 I had expected to be two stone lighter, have been to Ibiza with one friend, Newquay with another and to Spain with the nipper. I have done NONE of it. Am I beating myself up about it? No, absolutely not.

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10 signs of ageing

As 50 looms ever closer (just over a month), I thought it was time to examine how my views have changed with age.

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Minor office irritants

It’s been a long old day in the office.

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The Secret – anything is possible

You know how some days everything just goes right? You catch every green light, your hair goes right first time, you get that text you’ve been waiting for before you really realise you were waiting, all of your clothes look RIGHT, yeah all of that. And then other days nothing goes right? What IS that? Is it an alignment of the planets? Good karma? Believing in your dreams? It’s a bitch of a day when none of this goes right that can really bring you down.

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From Amalfi with love

I had never considered Italy as a holiday option until 2016. Granted I had spent a brief second honeymoon in Milan but had swiftly glossed over the rest of the country for some bizarre reason.

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