It’s all about the countdown 

Sliding towards 50


In 253 days I reach a HUGE milestone birthday……. 50. This doesn’t fill me with as much dread as those of you not in such close proximity will imagine.

This is me. Hello!

Over the weekend I had an epiphany. I woke up on Sunday morning, stupidly early as normal, no remnant of a prosecco hangover (miracles do happen), and read an inspirational blog. I can’t even tell you why it sent out a call to action to my 04.30am self but it did.

I had already set myself the usual lose weight and get fit goals, but this blog was about ‘The Life List’. So I started mine. I thought, I’ll brain dump whatever comes to mind, sit with it for a few days and see if it remains relevant, I’ll then review and add. So it’s got nine entries so far, we are in the review stage. These nine don’t represent my top nine and aren’t even ones I will  complete prior to my birthday but they are keepers.

Another strand to this Sunday morning epiphany was the way I work and this formed one of the nine entries. I read  another post by a hugely talented writer Alice Judge-Talbot on ‘Portfolio Working‘, this time in her Telegraph column (I’m main lining Alice at the moment forgive me). It smacked me straight in the face as an obvious aspiration. So plans started forming in my pre-dawn brain, muddled but all the same …. plans. This blog is the start (and also another of the nine). I struggled for a good 24 (maybe even 36) hours on content. Out there in the blogosphere competition amongst the young, the beautiful, the fashionable, the most hygge, the motherhooders and the fashion bloggers is fierce let me tell you. I don’t fit into any of those categories (although at points in my life it could be argued that I have) and it would be exhausting to try and fake it till I make it, so I’m doing this for ME. For my 50th year. Because if I don’t? I’ll never know if I could.

Author: Lightly tacked to the Earth

The journey towards 50 and all the bits along the way that make it fun

2 thoughts on “It’s all about the countdown ”

    1. Thank you!! One of my goals is to get my blog out there once it’s bigger, first I need to increase my IG following. I’ve been pretty lazy never really chasing followers but now I see it has to be a tool if I want to get the blog read by people (unless I beg and hassle wonderful people like you!!). Do you have any tips to get the IG followers? Thanks for your time reading the blog and feedback!! x ❤ x


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