For the love of running

Running, once you’re out there you’re committed (keep telling yourself that)


Let’s start with a reality check. At this point in time I do not love running but it is singularly the most beneficial thing I do. 

I started running on 6th December 2014, I remember the exact date because it was the morning after my work Christmas party where I had been so hammered my husband had driven to pick me up to find me slumped (just about standing), against a Georgian pillar outside Anthropology in Bath and once in the car it had taken a good five minutes for me to locate the seat belt clunker thing into its socket.

I’d wanted to be a runner for ages, to be able to slip the words ‘on my run this morning’ into conversations, to chip in  witty running anecdotes when amongst a wheeze of joggers (I found that collective noun here!), to explain away a nagging limp or tight hip as a ‘running injury’…. but….. every time I’d tried to run I just couldn’t keep the pace up in the past. So this one morning I said to myself that I would just go at such a slow pace that I could sustain it. And sustain it I did for 3.74km. I was ecstatic and I was now a runner (although ‘jogger’ is perhaps the more accurate term given my pace).

I’ve long lived by the (as it turns out wrong) adage that it takes three weeks to make or break a habit, and it worked for me.

It should be noted that there was a massive influencer to my upturn in fitness which definitely drove my otherwise lacking motivation. Through the ensuing two and a bit years both running and influence have waxed and waned but most importantly remained. I was advised early on to register for a 5km race to set a hard goal to work towards, advice I duly ignored but which on reflection was excellent advice. I did however go as far as to register for Parkrun and still receive their lively emails to this day although have never got as far as turning up to a race fearing my pedestrian pace embarrassingly slow for such an event.

After a winter break from November 2016 to 1st March 2017, I am back at it, building up for some better times again and full of hope that I could perhaps enter something. I should really set that goal, maybe a fun run not a race.

Author: Lightly tacked to the Earth

The journey towards 50 and all the bits along the way that make it fun

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