A new unit of measurement

Last year I gave up alcohol for three and a half months. It absolutely was a big deal. I was drinking way in excess of what anyone would recommend as normal and had been for a while. Primarily my driver was to improve my health but pretty soon I realised how much money I was saving by not drinking and loved having spare cash at the end of the month. Consequently I frequently convert sterling into bow (bottles of wine). For example, my gym membership at £39.00 per month is the equivalent of 6.5bow. I use an arbitrary figure of £6.00 per bottle.

I soon thought about things that I had previously assumed to be out of my financial grasp….. someone to help with cleaning. She costs me just under 3.5bow (and there is seriously NO looking back on this one).

Moving onto holidays and new cars, these are harder to convert as even at my worst I wasn’t drinking the price of a decent second-hand pick up truck (2,500bow) so perhaps not such a great example however the House of Fraser linen seems slightly more palatable at c. 31.5bow (which could conceivably be a month of wine to some).

I’ve listed below some useful currency conversions for ease of reference:

  • Game of squash = 1bow
  • MOT =  8.5bow (unless you secure a Groupon offer)
  • Jo Malone candle = 7.5bow
  • Isle of Wight Hovercraft crossing (return) = 5bow
  • Asics running shoes = 16.5bow (that’s possibly under 3 weeks of wine


Let’s just take a moment to forget the things you could  buy if you weren’t buying wine and think about the wine for a second. On the way home from work tonight I debated the wine question and was almost home and dry but my daughter then asked me to stop off for emergency chocolate (she’s revising for GCSE’s so allowed a treat) and so I was forced into a potential purchase (or temptation at the very least). I stopped at the Co-op as it was en route and as always was disappointed by their selection at the aforementioned £6.00 arbitrary price. I find it easy in Tesco or Sainsbury’s to find a good bottle of rioja or even Prosecco that has been marked down but the Co-op really sucks in mark-downs, the only thing in the bracket being their Fairtrade range (not worth the risk on a Tuesday). Lesson learned, different route home required.

In these times of austerity (are we still in those times?) the only sensible solution is to get someone else to buy your wine that way there is ZERO guilt for spending money you would otherwise have spent on burning a Jo Malone candle on an Isle of Wight Hovercraft crossing (I’m not sure that’s even allowed), thus I have perfected a great technique of interrupting my husband’s return from work journey with an improptu need to urgent ingredients (and wine obviously). Officially WINNING……. (back to the lime and soda). Unless of course you are tempted by Tesco and their huge fake wine selection which is actually nearly as expensive as a bottle of wine but with no guilt and definitely no pleasure.



Author: Lightly tacked to the Earth

The journey towards 50 and all the bits along the way that make it fun

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