Spring and the power of positivity

Toes are officially out. Winter is over. It’s official.

Today I had my toes out. It’s the first day I have officially gotten them out and it’s April and I feel awesome. I am strutting around like a peacock with its tail feathers proudly fanned. I almost feel like my milkshake could bring all the boys to the yard if I was so inclined. Isn’t it amazing what a change in daylight can do for you? I’m feeling like a new woman, revived, positive and full of energy. It’s almost like I’m not menopausal at all. Praise be to the god of daffodils and British Summer Time!I’ve got my sass back …… and toes out, I took a bottle of prosecco for a walk to my oldest friends house (sadly it didn’t make it home again). She’s an inspiration to me, we have known each other since we were at primary school so at least 20 years (clears throat… make that 40). We ended up on the wrong side of two bottles of prosecco but the world was well and truly put to rights. She has the most amazing memory for our life events, stuff that I have no recollection of is right there for her and she’s always got the absolute best advice for me. She’s is a treasure (and worthy of an entire blog post).

At times of seasonal change I always feel inspired to think about what can change in my life and make some positive decisions to take forward into the new season. Diet of course is an obvious thing to think about and eating seasonally is a big tick for me. Think better quality fruit and vegetables and cheaper prices and with less impact on our planet.  It’s a WIN-WIN-WIN type of situation. Eat Seasonally have some great tips on what to eat AND grow right now and Innocent Sow and Grow are even giving away free seeds for kids to grow – what’s not to love?! However I will caveat this with a confession, having tried to grow my own, it’s not as easy as old people make it look. Inspired by my father’s ability to grow a whole Sunday lunch I set about growing potatoes, carrots, fine beans and courgettes. I produced a princely crop of one tiny (but very tasty) carrot, some courgette flowers (but no actual courgettes), two portions of potatoes and to be fair quite a healthy bunch of beans. The thing is you need a good memory….. that is remembering to water the damn things.

Other changes right now……..with the dry weather our horse’s field has dried nicely out and this means one thing to horse-owners….. FULL TURNOUT!! It’s always a long, dark, hard winter with a horse. Your expenditure rises with the need to buy bedding and hay which would otherwise not be necessary when they have a whole field to munch through and poo in. Your effort also increases with sometimes two full muck out’s a day if the weather is bad. It’s so refreshing and exciting for them to go out full-time. So tomorrow morning at the crack of drawn I will be fencing our summer field and then turning our little herd of four out and by evening their tummies will be full.

Hydration……. I’m so rubbish at getting enough water in me. Wine and prosecco I have no problem with but water…… not so good. I thought I would motivate myself with one of the new HydrateM8 bottles and Day 1 of increased water has meant more steps on the Fitbit as I’ve been up and down to the loo all day! Everyone bangs on about how good it is for your skin so prior to resorting to some kind of artificial fillers I’m officially giving water a go (may need to come back to fillers later).

I think that’s enough positivity for one session.


Author: Lightly tacked to the Earth

The journey towards 50 and all the bits along the way that make it fun

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