The Secret – anything is possible

You know how some days everything just goes right? You catch every green light, your hair goes right first time, you get that text you’ve been waiting for before you really realise you were waiting, all of your clothes look RIGHT, yeah all of that. And then other days nothing goes right? What IS that? Is it an alignment of the planets? Good karma? Believing in your dreams? It’s a bitch of a day when none of this goes right that can really bring you down.

A dear friend of mine introduced me to a self-help book a couple of years ago called The Secret. I’ll admit I was sceptical. Not only a sceptic but lazy one at that, I got the audio version. I spent a hilarious journey with my son listening to this talk of ‘the secret’ and ‘believe and you will receive’  and wasn’t really buying into it especially as Rhonda teases and alludes to what the secret actually is but doesn’t tell you for ages.

directory-466935_1920Then I had a thought, maybe there is something in this? I mean what is the absolute worst that can happen if you think positively, because that’s all its asking you to do. Instead of allowing that nagging doubt thought to creep in ……’ what if I don’t / I can’t’, all Rhonda Byrne is asking you to do is think positively. The irritating line throughout is ‘believe and you will receive’ and it’s true that she does labour this point. I’m no scientist and I doubt anyone can prove this wrong (or indeed right) but what’s the harm in believing it and giving it a go?

The main tenet is to eradicate negative thoughts as by merely thinking them you will attract that back to you. The underpinning philosophy of the book is that what you put out into the universe you will attract back, the law of attraction. So, as Rhonda instructs, if you want to lose weight, be successful, attract wealth….. what you must do is to imagine that you already have that. In the case of weight, visualise yourself at the weight you want, living the life you want and keep doing this. Do not think… ‘I wish I was thinner, lighter, a specific size’ – that will just come right back to you.

Ok, so a reality check if you are still with me. Is this bullshit? Do you BELIEVE?! believe-in-yourself-2636203_1920Can you buy into this? I don’t know is the honest answer. Reading some of the reviews of The Secret I believe there is something in it and if there isn’t then you will just come across as a really positive person and being positive and having positive energy attracts others if nothing else. People are attracted to success and positivity like a magnet. Truly believing you have success IS a large part of having success. Thoughts should be aligned with desires for the best outcome.

Confession….. I didn’t finish the book, it’s languishing somewhere in my iTunes so I’m still not thin or rich or wildly successful. I think I need to re-invigorate this as I approach 50! I do really believe in positive thought and a positive mental attitude and as I said before, who doesn’t love a positive outgoing person?



Author: Lightly tacked to the Earth

The journey towards 50 and all the bits along the way that make it fun

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