Smug bitch

At this point in 2018 I have:

  1. Been dry for 15 days
  2. Been a vegan for 12 days
  3. Lost 5lbs
  4. Noticed my skin glowing (and not just an alcohol-induced red nose)
  5. Stopped having tropical moments @ 2am
  6. Said the word ‘vegan’ at least 20 times every single day
  7. Not thrown my chewing gum into any hedges
  8. Started a countdown for America (68 days)
  9. Raised some charitable money by merely being sober
  10. Dedicated a weekend of my life to the indulgent practice of photography
  11. Found interesting and creative ways with cauliflower
  12. Eaten more nuts in 12 days than I normally would in a year
  13. Discovered that certain dates (if you close your eyes) have the same texture as fudge
  14. Realised that I have been sugar-free for 10 years (go me)
  15. Decided to re-start exercising soon (ish)
  16. Started to talk about it looking like spring (the power of thought)
  17. Completed all 4 series of Peaky Blinders (after only discovering it on 23 December)
  18. Slept like a baby all year (a by-product of not drinking)
  19. Had no random off the wall dreams
  20. Been informed that I still snore despite no alcohol
  21. Resolved to get back on my blog with more interesting posts than this.









Author: Lightly tacked to the Earth

The journey towards 50 and all the bits along the way that make it fun

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