There’s something about…… JET LAG

I came away to the Land of the Free with the full intention of studiously sorting out some amazingly witty & interesting blog posts, possibly getting some words down in what could potentially be my first book and generally having an intelligently productive holiday. None of that has happened and I’d say that’s pretty much entirely down to jet lag.

I used to think jet lag sounded glamorous, a first-worldly condition suffered by the affected fortunate few who graciously turned left when entering a transatlantic flight. ‘Man the hell up’ I thought or just have a ruddy good sleep and for the love of God stop boring us with your jet lag wining. All of that was until I first experienced it and almost as bad as the jet lag is the anxiety that goes with it. The sinking feeling which starts at 4pm ish (on Mountain Standard Time – MST) when you start thinking about your bed and feel the lids getting heavy.

I worry that I’ll never make it onto MST or will scrape in 2 days before the end of my holiday, all ready to physically jolt my body back to GMT. That’s the anxiety bit. Or the the guilt that I should be staying up until midnight because I’m on holiday right?!

The mere fact that I’m writing this at 4am shows that I’m still not over it! The underlying factor in jet lag is the massive disruption to our body’s circadian rhythms. These are the things we are programmed to do in a 24 hour period such as eating, sleeping, going to the loo etc. All of these things are suddenly thrown to the four winds when we fly across different time zones. Allegedly it takes a full day to recover from each time zone you cross. There is an expression…… west is best & east is a beast. I’ve just looked at a map (I hardly ever do that) and I think I’ve gone across seven!

My tips:

1. Drink lots of water – boringly effective

2. Go with the ruddy flow & stop beating yourself up

3. Exercise – make yourself tired

4. Everyone says avoid alcohol but fuck it you’re on holiday! Enjoy it!

5. Write blogs in the night

Despite the jet lag battle….. it’s so worth it to be with the family and get some sun on my skin after the extraordinary start we have had to this year.

Happy Easter x