Vegan Paris

As you would imagine, this isn’t a complete walk in the park. Being a vegan in Paris is a bit of a challenge so I thought I would put down my findings after a recent trip to help others who may be finding sourcing great food a bit of a nightmare! Continue reading “Vegan Paris”


The start … and the end

A new year offers so much promise, even if you aren’t one of those who wants to be defined by a resolution, there is still the promise of a new spring, another year. grass-546794_1280For some, as with many years, it will mark the end of something huge, a life, a relationship, a job. Some of us know we will have huge losses in the coming months and those weigh heavy but also we are the architects of our destiny to a certain degree and we will make active conscious decisions to leave something that was destructive or painful or just not good for us behind. Continue reading “The start … and the end”

Preparation of the little one – Phase 1 : Corned beef pie

I had a brief and alarming thought this week that I’m not sure if my daughter could survive in the outside world without me (or other adult help). Let me quantify this. What I mean is that in just over a year there is a very likely possibility that she will leave home to go to university or similar and I wonder if she is ready.

Continue reading “Preparation of the little one – Phase 1 : Corned beef pie”

Veganuary…. the results are in and it makes semi-interesting reading

Dear Reader,

I thought I would write to you, hand on heart, with an excited skip in my step as we approach the end of both Dry January and Veganuary. I thought I would be literally gagging to get back to my wine and cheese habit but…. get this…. I’M NOT.  Continue reading “Veganuary…. the results are in and it makes semi-interesting reading”

Up and at them (always early)

It’s been nearly 2 months since I joined the best gym in my area (Centurion Health Club) and I thought it was time to reflect back on how far I’ve come and what I’ve learned in the form of a listicle since my last blog: Continue reading “Up and at them (always early)”

For the love of running

Running, once you’re out there you’re committed (keep telling yourself that)

Let’s start with a reality check. At this point in time I do not love running but it is singularly the most beneficial thing I do.  Continue reading “For the love of running”