Getting it right

I may have missed out on a university education, but I have been a life-long student of human relationships and it fascinates me what makes a relationship work ….. or not.

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First world niggles

Maybe it’s because I’ve decided to give up booze for May and now have a low irritation threshold, or maybe it’s just because I’m a short-tempered hormonal woman but I can’t be alone in having these irritations. Continue reading “First world niggles”

Dear diary…..

It’s a standing joke at work. A colleague was going to start writing a diary of her dating exploits this year. It hasn’t happened but frequently at the end of a day someone will pipe up with ‘Dear Diary… what a day….’. It’s all a bit Victorian, pure and innocent. Continue reading “Dear diary…..”


It’s all about the countdown 

Sliding towards 50


In 253 days I reach a HUGE milestone birthday……. 50. This doesn’t fill me with as much dread as those of you not in such close proximity will imagine. Continue reading “It’s all about the countdown “