Beautifully structured

Earlier this year my beautifully structured and ordered life fell apart. I don’t say that lightly, and at the time I became completely embroiled in carrying on regardless, making a new home for me and my children, not being affected by what had happened and keeping everything on an even keel to both the outside world and me on the inside. This September, a funny thing happened…… Continue reading “Beautifully structured”


Veganuary…. the results are in and it makes semi-interesting reading

Dear Reader,

I thought I would write to you, hand on heart, with an excited skip in my step as we approach the end of both Dry January and Veganuary. I thought I would be literally gagging to get back to my wine and cheese habit but…. get this…. I’M NOT.  Continue reading “Veganuary…. the results are in and it makes semi-interesting reading”