Five things I would tell my daughter if she would listen

I remember being 12 or 13 and my mum being in her late 30’s and thinking she was soooooo old. We were in the changing rooms of what was Richard Shops and she was trying on something with no sleeves and she asked my opinion and I told her her arms were too fat to wear it. In retrospect, she was well under 10 stone and in great shape. My perception as a child was so skewed!

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Tick Tick Tick….

Let’s talk about eggs.

Most eggs have a sell-by date, you know they are good for maybe up to a week after that but can be extremely offensive thereafter…… kind of like a woman whose eggs are going off….. at MENOPAUSE!

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With love …. FOR the USA (and more specifically Arizona)

I’ll start by saying that up until 2009 I had experienced no desire whatsoever to travel to the United States of America. I had mistakenly assumed that as it’s population looked largely like us and spoke the same language I felt it didn’t really offer a culturally different experience. Continue reading “With love …. FOR the USA (and more specifically Arizona)”

First world niggles

Maybe it’s because I’ve decided to give up booze for May and now have a low irritation threshold, or maybe it’s just because I’m a short-tempered hormonal woman but I can’t be alone in having these irritations. Continue reading “First world niggles”

Spring and the power of positivity

Toes are officially out. Winter is over. It’s official.

Today I had my toes out. It’s the first day I have officially gotten them out and it’s April and I feel awesome. I am strutting around like a peacock with its tail feathers proudly fanned. I almost feel like my milkshake could bring all the boys to the yard if I was so inclined. Isn’t it amazing what a change in daylight can do for you? I’m feeling like a new woman, revived, positive and full of energy. It’s almost like I’m not menopausal at all. Praise be to the god of daffodils and British Summer Time! Continue reading “Spring and the power of positivity”